Mission and Purpose:

Our mission is to successfully create a solid foundation for an effective and well documented plan that informs and engages the public, and provokes feedback.

Since 2009, Infinite Source Communications, (ISC) brings a unique mix of expertise, experience and skills to provide communications services to various industries. As a DBE/MBE/SBE certified firm, ISC has earned a solid reputation for providing high quality services to our clients in South Florida and nationwide.

The Public Information Team at Infinite Source Communications understands the significance of a well-designed program.

Our dedication to successful communications and helping other businesses excel is founded on Team Work, Forward Thinking and Customer Service. We strive to represent each client with the best of our abilities and serve as an extension of the staff, brand and message.

We offer a full range of other turn-key, professional communications consulting services, chief among them public information and public relations, intergovernmental coordination, marketing and media relations, event planning and promotions.